IBM Power System S824 Server

Power Systems: Power Systems: Innovation for applying data to work

New innovative technology provides faster insight to today's applications needing data.
Power Systems™ established with innovation for applying data to work provides a foundation for companies to get insight twice faster at important points.
Those first-generation systems widening actual and virtual boundaries of data center technology through innovations were designed to operate data-oriented applications needed by today's smart enterprises more quickly and efficiently.

Power Systems You can do following things using new innovations of Power Systems.

Can get insight faster using the IBM POWER8™ processors and make smart acceleration through Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface(CAPI)technologies, such as accelerators for core workloads
horten waiting time and reduce installation space with the CAPI flash Input and output data at systems faster with the memory increased two times and I/O expansion
Increase the speed and efficiency of other applications with high database, transaction and multi-thread because 50% more cores are supported and there is the transaction memory with twice more simultaneous threads per core

Designed and optimized for big data and analysis tools

Companies have accumulated a huge amount of data. Power Systems established with innovation for applying data to work can support increasing workloads through expansion and help companies find insight more quickly.
Power Systems were designed to be used for big data. Power servers, such as operation business intelligence, data warehouses and prediction analysis solutions, are optimized for computing-centered performance demands of the database and analysis applications and are flexibly expanded to support rapidly increasing data conditions of mid-size companies.

Provide open innovations through changing ways to develop IT products and offer them

Open technological platforms of Power Systems using architecture which is a core for open server development communities and the OpenPOWER base provide broad applications and new technology more quickly through establishing giant communities which created innovations, applications and elements of technology.
Power Systems adopting open standards increase productivity and performance getting rid of restrictions caused by commercial architecture through providing tools suitable for platforms to developers.
Power Systems continuously innovating platforms will make future integrated hardware solutions greatly accelerating computing-oriented work and data-oriented work possible.

IBM Power System S824

The latest Power S824 server of IBM is suitable for applying data to work for the existing customers.
This new system focused on optimization of AIX and IBM i workloads provides better performance than the existing-generation systems of IBM and moreover, this advanced system is high cost-effective for integrated Linux applications.

The 1-socket and 2-socket servers based on IBM Power Systems provide the ideal basis for private Cloud and common-use Clous infrastructure.
The new Power S824 server based on the POWER8 processor provides the high treatment volume for Intel-based offering for rival workloads and offers good economical efficiency for scale-out arrangement. Power provides excellent response time to line up and quarry unstructured big data sets for customers who want to arrange high-grade analysis tools. For executing basic business analyses, this server can create much more business reports per hour than rival solutions established in x86.

Outline of IBM Power System S824 Server

System construction model 8286-42A
Processor and memory
Microprocessor one or two 6-core 3.89 GHz POWER8 processor card or
one or two 8-core 4.15 GHz POWER8 processor card or
two 12-core 3.52 GHz POWER8 processor card
Level 2(L2) Cache 512 KB L2 cache per core
Level 3(L3) Cache 8 MB L3 cache per core
Level 4(L4)Cache cache 16 MB per DIMM
Memory(minimum/maximum) 6 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB 1,600 MHz DDR3 modules, 32 – Active Memory Sharing 1 TB(1S) 32 – 2 TB(2S)
Processor - Memory bandwidth 192 GBps per socket
Storage and I/O
Basic backplanes HDD(hard disk drive)/12 small form factors (SFFs)for SDD(Solid State Disk)bay
Dual IOA high-class function backplane 8 HDDs/SSDs Additional eight 1.8-inch bays for SSDs at SFF bay
Media bay single slim line DVD
Integrated SAS controller basic RAID 0,5,6,10. option: 7,200 MB† cache and Easy Tier function
I/O bandwidth 96 GBps per socket
Expansion function(option)
Maximum PCIe 3rd-generation I/O drawer 2
Power supply device 100 V – 240 V
RAS function processor instruction reattempt
replacement processor recovery
selective dynamic firmware update
chip kill memory error correction code (ECC) L2 cache, L3 cache
service processor including trouble monitoring
hot swap-type disk bay
hot plug-type simultaneous repairing and maintenance PCI slot
hot plug-type dual power supply device and cooling fan
dynamic processor allocation lift
PCI function to treat expanded errors of slots
Operation systems AIX, IBM i and Linux on POWER
System size 427.5 W x 173 H x 750.5 D mm
Guarantee on-site service for specific components, CRU for all different units(customers the following business day(nine working hours for five days a week)(excluding holidays), guarantee service upgrade and repairing and maintenance Replaceable units) (different from country to country).
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