Designed to drive innovation and flexibility with a hybrid storage solution

The enterprise data storage market rapidly changes.
All companies, large and small, suffer new business and IT operation problems. Companies need excellent data cooperation, quickness and cost efficiency to preoccupy the competitive edge.These days, data is more important for making real-time decisions based on information than ever.
The security team needs data to perceive frauds (corruption) and prevent them before they happen. Call centers need data to promote acceleration of customer service. First of all, the highest management needs data to develop strategic insight for competition.
With appearance of tools for analyzing big data and new applications demanding integration of mobility and social platforms, companies need the additional storage capacity, performance, high functions and flexibility.
IT provides faster and more effective service to make real-time insight possible and supports interactions with many customers
Right infrastructure helps customers share information, protects transactions and can get real-time insight.
In order to enter into a new business era, companies should provide comprehensive tool sets supporting elements designed to assist core business initiatives, such as integration virtualization, enormous expansion and simplified management, with powerful storage solutions, such as IBM Storwize V5000.
The new three Storwize V5000 models, IBM Storwize V5030, IBM Storwize V5020 and IBM Storwize V5010, which began on a small scale have continuously grown and provide flexibility using the existing storage investment at the same time.

Widen your possibility. The new Storwize V5000 model which began on a small scale has continuously grown and provides flexibility using the existing storage investment at the same time. .

IBM Storwize also helps companies assist the existing and new mobile and social and analysis workloads which are important for success through improving economical efficiency of their data.
The Storwize V5000 model uses small resources and provides more necessary items with high flexibility at the same time.

Functions of Comprehensive Storwize Products

The Storwize V5000 model uses verified functions, remarkable management and compatibility of Storwize products.

Outside Storage Virtualization

The Storwize V5000 model established with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software supports applications to be executed without suspension even when storage infrastructure is changed.
The Storwize V5030 model that can be used for large models expands data virtualization to other storage systems. .
When virtualization is made, data of storage systems becomes a part of the Storwize slution and can be manated in the same way with internal drives.
Data of outside systems realize high usability and abundant Storwize functions (including high-quality cloning, high-performance thin provisioning, encryption, real-time compression and easy tier).
When outside storages are virtualized, managers' productivity improves, storage utilization increases and values of the existing storage investment are expanded.
The IBM Spectrum Virtualize contained in the three Storwize V5000 models also make VMware virtual volumes (VVOL) possible and provides high-quality storage functions supporting the latest functions of key operation environments, such as Microsoft ODX and VMware vSphere v6.

Utilization of Verified Solutions of Independent Software Suppliers  

IBM tries to optimize business results and to minimize time for creating values through continuously making improvement and smoothly integrating applications.
Efforts of IBM produce tangible results through continuous operation and partnership with ISVs (independent software vendors) like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Symantec and VMware.

Outline of IBM Storwize V5000

Software IBM Spectrum Virtualize software for Storwize V5030 IBM Spectrum Virtualize software for Storwize V5020 IBM Spectrum Virtualize software for Storwize V5010
User interface Web-based graphic users Interface(GUI) Web-based GUI Web-based GUI
Single or dual controller Dual Dual Dual
Connection(standard) 10 Gb iSCSI
1 Gb iSCSI
12 Gb SAS
1 Gb iSCSI
1 Gb iSCSI
Connection(option) 16 Gb fiber channel
12 Gb SAS
10 Gb iSCSI / FCoE(Fibre Channel over Ethernet)
1 Gb iSCSI
16 Gb fiber channel
12 Gb SAS
10 Gb iSCSI / FCoE
1 Gb iSCSI
16 Gb fiber channel
12 Gb SAS
10 Gb iSCSI / FCoE
1 Gb iSCSI
Cache(per system) 32 GB or 64 GB 16 GB or 32 GB 16 GB

No Suspension Through Dynamic Migration

Data migration is are one of the most general reasons for predetermined system suspension.
The Storwize V5000 model provides the function of dynamic data migration from the existing storage system to a new system, or between arrays of the Storwize V5000 system. Users can have access to data during data migration. For replacing the existing storage with a new storage, for executing load balancing, or for movig data from layered storage infrastructure, the data migration function can be used.
Seamless migration reduces time for creating values which took several weeks or months, minimizes migration suspension hours, removes costs for additional migration tools and can help companies get rid of finds for the prolonged lease period and additional costs for repairing and maintenance.
In consequence, companies can actually save costs.

Utilization of Additional Functions 

Easily manage storage with innovative management functions
Support expansion through constructing the Storwize V5030 model small with dual clustering
Support OpenStack Cinder drivers helping companies automatize their storage provisioning and volume management combining efficiency of Storwize V5000 and OpenStack computing Cloud platforms
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