Web-Based Manufacturing Innovation PLM Solution
Product Outline
  • SmartACE is a web-based manufacturing innovation PLM solution developed as part of a project for supporting technological innovation of smaller firms.
  • SmartACE helps companies effectively manage and share advanced technical data (such as documents, drawings and component information) through doing systematic integrated management of product information created throughout the entire life cycles of products from planning to scrapping and work processes.
    Planning ->design -> manufacturing->operation -> repairing and maintenance -> scrapping
  • SmartACE prevents work confusion caused by false information and promotes work progress by minimizing use of incorrect data through systematic management of revision records and real-time electronic notification.
  • SmartACE helps people flexibly cope with changing work environment through providing high expandability based on generality and apply it to work fast through providing specific modules developed based on the best practice.
Expandable Module
  • Cooperation company distribution
  • Benchmarking
  • Development schedule dashboard
  • Component development processor management

Smart Factory

Smart Factory Supporting Solution
Product Outline
  • The company develops a smart factory supporting solution to make integrated management of production processes, factories, procurement, logistics and service and to optimize them through integrating ICT and manufacturing business.
  • The company collects data based on IoT and studies technology for extracting meaningful data through analyzing accumulated data using big data technology.
  • The company develops data visualization solutions which can do real-time monitoring of various produced information, can analyze data and can support decision-making.
Car Body Process Management System
  • Spot gun management
  • GUN Study
  • MCP management
  • Component development processor management

Develop Frameworks Integrating Manufacturing Innovation Solutions

Product Outline
  • Materialize solutions to improve business values through integrating the existing traditional enterprise data architecture and various atypical data
  • Not depend on specific OS or browsers, and establish frameworks that can be served and used for various PC environments, Smart phones and tablets just with single development
  • Pursue Industry 4.0 survival strategy through integrating IoT and manufacturing solutions
Strong Points
  • Create complicated orthosis models with easy operation, and create standardized design
  • Can reuse design defined by consumers for orthosis models through providing the template function
  • Rehabilitation medicine
  • Orthopedics department
  • Template design
  • Mesh editing
  • Design

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