Dashboard intelligence

Dashboard intelligence solution provides excellent science management environments so that science-centered companies may create biological, chemical and material innovation and improve our ways of life.

Strong Points
  • Promotes the development quality-compliance products and process in QA and QC researches
  • Creates enterprise intelligence to shorten product commercialization cycyle
    Manages scientific innovation process and information and connects them with the life cycle of other products
Strong Points
  • Electronically captures and accesses consistent data, realizes perfect commercialization, and improves insight to process and product quality in the early phase
  • Simplifies enterprise data access and reporting functions and search information in the most suitable way to decision-making improvement
Strong Points
  • Realizes information access, organization, analysis and sharing by facilitating collaboration through internal and external research networks
  • Designs silicon or selects molecules, biology, and materials by using modeling, simulation and predictive analysis

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