Simple 3D CAD Solution for 3D Printing
New-concept 3D CAD solution specializing in 3D printers which can simply and easily confirm and edit 3D CAD models in mobile and Window environment
  • SolidACE3D โ€“ Viewer (3D CAD viewer for mobile devices)
  • SolidACE3D โ€“ Mobile Pro(mobile-based simple 3D CAD modeling/editing solution)
  • SolidACE3D โ€“ Desktop(Window-based simple 3D CAD modeling/editing solution)
Strong Points
  • Equipped with functions specializing in 3D printing
  • Equipped with the intuitive sketch function through installing a sketch function on a curved surface
  • Provide UI for executing CAD modeling work in mobile environment
  • Applied for fields of CAD, CAM and 3D printing
  • Can create models for sketching, solid modeling and 3D printing

Hybrid CAM Solution for Metal 3D Printers
  • Develop a 5-axis laser DED-style metal printer laminated CAM modules
  • Develop a 5-axis machining CAM and a hybrid CAM integrated solutions
Strong Points
  • Use a PSI with a sensor and surgical instruments
  • Can perform perfect operations through doing real-time monitoring of incidence angles and locations of surgical instruments
  • Orthopedics department
  • Provide MR/AR/VR functions
  • Can track locations and direction angles of surgical instruments
  • Provide guidance on surgical agreement and various surgical contents

All-Direction 3D Scanner Solution for Acquiring 3D Models
  • Develop one-shot photo 3D scanners
  • Used for patient-customized medical areas and 3D printing
Strong Points
  • Acquire 3D images just with one-shot filming
  • Can do 3D scanning of moving subjects
  • Can easily acquire 3D models of human body
  • Patient-customized medical areas
  • Figure manufacturing
  • Wireless transmission
  • Image correction
  • Mesh correction and creation
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