This simplifies the entire IT infrastructure and management with all flash VersaStack integrated infrastructure. These days, organizations should satisfy endlessly changing storage requirements and improve data economical efficiency at the same time. .
IT workers should provide many services quickly and effectively and should support real-time insight and many customer interactions.
The All Flash Storage solution of IBM® Storwize® is cheaper, faster and more stable than previous ones and can satisfy demands for consistent data accesses.
IBM Storwize products which are All Flash virtualization enterprise-class storage systems designed to provide high-quality management functions, competitive prices and combined high performance provide IBM Storwize V7000F and IBM Storwize V5030F solutions.
Application workloads greatly different depending on business and this is the same with various groups or organizations formed with single companies.
Many organizations have data sets and in consequence, middle-size organizations got to need storage requirements.
Same organizations usually have limited IT budgets. IBM Storwize products were designed to satisfy storage requirements unique to business groups or organizations operated with middle-size application workloads and limited IT budgets, but storages equipped with all features and functions required at the world's largest enterprise environment are necessary.
The 21st century organizations operated with budgets limited to middle-size application workloads try to secure the competitive edge in terms of usable data assets.
BM Storwize products provide powerful solutions especially suitable for such organizations. IBM Storwize equipped with comprehensive storage service and the virtualization function based on the best IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ technology in the industry provides cheap storage solutions with abundant functions helping cognition business grow and prosper.
When servers and networking are combined, customers can enjoy the entire IT convenience and benefits through reducing costs.
VersaStack, an integrated infrastructure solution of IBM and Cisco, has combined the IBM Storwize solution and Cisco UCS(Unified Computing System) system to provide high-level convenience and availability.

High Performance

The All Flash Storwize solution provides high performance and very good data economical efficiency.
It helps acceleration of various workloads which make decisions more quickly with the best performance among similar products.
This solution is placed to support high-performance enterprise applications like not only the database of IBM DB2®, Oracle and SAP but also virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and server virtualization.

Increasing Economical Efficiency

A new category of SSDs (Solid State Drives)was added as options for IBM Storwize V7000F and V5030F.
Costs for placing Storwize are reduced with new Flash drives and this product provides good cost merits about places with the rapidly increasing capacity and speed of core business data, in particular.


IBM Spectrum Virtualize software designed to provide high-level efficiency innovates data economical efficiency and helps reduction of costs of Clous, analysis tools, virtual servers and other enterprise-class arrangement.
As a result, organizations don't have to choose between performance and efficiency. They can have both of them within a single storage solution.
IBM Real-time Compression™ using hardware acceleration which can be used at Storwize V7000F makes assistance to provide higher performance about compressed data than that provided by the existing systems for uncompressed data. Real-time Compression improves the usable capacity of Storwize V7000F by five times maximum.
The rack space is saved including reduction of costs for buying one system (because the smaller number of hardware is necessary) and power and cooling costs can be reduced during the system life.
In addition, Real-time Compression, combined with outside data virtualization, can be expanded to the existing storage system improving the life.

Data Virtualization

The IBM Spectrum Virtualize data virtualization technology helps seamless execution of applications even when infrastructure is changed.
The IBM Spectrum Virtualize function can be expanded to other storage systems. Data of storage systems becomes a part of Storwize systems when virtualization is done and can be managed in the same method with the built-in drives. Data of outside systems receive abundant functions of Storwize and easy functions, including high-quality cloning, high-performance thin provisioning, data migration and real-time compression.
When outside storage is virtualized, managers' productivity improves, utilization of storage increases and the existing storage investment values are expanded.
Data migration is one of the most general reasons for predetermined system suspension. Data virtualization supports fast data migration among the existing storages or to new arrays and maintains data accesses at the same time. This function can be used for replacing the existing storages with new storages, for executing load balancing or moving data from disk drives to flash drives in layered storage infrastructure.
Data virtualization can improve efficiency and business values. Seamless migration reduces time for creating values to several hours or just a few minutes from several weeks or months, minimizes migration suspension time and removes costs for migration tools. It also is good for getting rid of additional costs for repairing and maintenance for the prolonged lease period.
In consequence, it can help businesses actually reduce costs.

High Availability

Customers gradually place servers virtualized with technology different from IBM IBM HyperSwap® functions provide the single Storwize V7000F or Storwize V5030F system supporting servers at two data centers.
At this construction, solutions can connect data to all servers of data centers in both sides at the same time.
Combined with the server data mobility function, like VMware vMotion or PowerVM Live Partition Mobility, IBM HyperSwap supports virtualization system mobility between seamless storage and the data center, which is possible at the long distance of up to 300 km (188 miles).

Protection of Data Which is the Most Valuable Asset

Storwize V7000F and Storwize V5030F grant an exclusive right for storage encryption to the IT team in order to protect sensitive data from users without permission.
The IBM Spectrum Virtualize software includes the encryption function of managers. As organizations added encryption to the entire different storage arrays, the IBM Spectrum Virtualize software helps the entire storage class utilize the single encryption control point.

Storwize Storwize All Flash Storage Choice

●IBM Storwize V7000F, an All Flash virtualized enterprise-class storage system with high expandability, is a single system designed to integrate workloads. This system makes management easy, reduces costs and provides good performance and high availability.

●IBM Storwize V5030F, an All Flash storage system suitqable for small construction, also provides flexible and easy virtualization storage and was designed to solve problems of middle-size application workloads through good performance and high-quality functions.

Easy Use

Storwize V7000F and Storwize V5030F are very easy to use from the earlier stage. The innovative Storwize management interface helps managers easily manage all storage work. According to studies, people consume almost half hours through using Storwize GUI, instead of systems of rival companies.
IBM Spectrum Control™, one of the best IBM Spectrum Storage™ products in the software definition storage solution industry, can provide end-to-end views about Storwize V7000F, Storwize V5030F and storage conditions of surrounding storage infrastructure, tools for analyzing long-term performance and capacity data to organizations.
Besides, the IBM Spectrum Virtualize technology including IP cloning using Real-time Compression and Bridgeworks WANrockIT technologies automatically works and there are almost no or no needs to define users.

ISV Support

IBM tries to optimize business results and minimize time for creating values through continuously making improvement and perfectly integrating applications.
Efforts of IBM have been proved through partnership with independent software vendors (ISVs), such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Symantec and VMware.
IBM improves flexibility and provides powerful information infrastructure for businesses through combining the Storwize system and leading ISV applications.
Solutions have been verified for their competency about backup and restoration of Storwize systems, high availability, server virtualization, and database and performance optimization, first of all.
IBM also makes utmost efforts to verify important ISVs of diverse industries, including medicine, financial service, communication and the public sector.


Storwize V7000F and Storwize V5030F, part of proved IBM Storwize products, support over 90,000 enclosures and the capacity of over 2 exabytes at organizations across the world. Close friendliness with PowerVM, OpenStack, Microsoft ODX, VMware vSphere v6 and VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes(VVOL), Storwize V7000F and Storwize V5030F and virtualization storage design are the most suitable for supplementing virtualization servers which are at the core part of Cloud arrangement.

Why IBM?

IBM's Storwize products are known to provide efficiency, flexibility and high-performance storages about all types of workloads.
As IBM Storage offering is customized for middle-size companies and large enterprises and provides performance with highly efficient packages, in particular, you can easily buy them, place them and manage them.
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