3D contents production and distribution solution

This solution allows you to develop and distribute 3D contents and applications that can be experienced in personal PC, game consoles, and intranet multi-platform environments as well as online web environments

Strong Points
  • Provides 3DEXPERIENCE platforms with the functions of strong authoring tools and publishing needed to distribute contents through desktop, web, and mobile devices
  • Creates manuals, technical illustrations, animation and interactive 3D contents by utilizing 3D design data
  • Assembly instructions, A/S manual, work instructions, repair instructions, and users
  • Open-type architecture
  • Manages product, process, and resource information
  • Manual, web-based documents, tutorials, and marketing material
  • Business solution
  • Technical communication
  • Easy to manage documents according to server management
  • Able to work without regard to userโ€™s ability by securing video flowcharts according to equipment
  • Optimizes collaboration system with relevant departments by distributing standard process documents
  • Maximizes 3D CAD utilization through strong rendering functions
  • Able to save time and easy to work with manuals by simplifying design of flowchart
  • Provides 3D flowcharts for uniform work and improves product quality

Business Solution

3DVIA Home

Provides house retailers, kitchen, bathroom and furniture manufacturers with online brand 3D space planning software suitable to designing indoor space

3DVIA Store

Provides retailers with online 3D space planning software designed to realize store layout concept, commercialization plan testing and optimization

Technical Communication ย 

3DVIA Studio Pro

3D application platform that allows the user to write visually excellent immersive 3DEXPERIENCES efficiently and provide it flexibly

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