3D CAD design software

CATIA solution provides 3D design environment for the whole development process including concept design, production, and assembling.

Strong Points
  • Optimized for industrial processes
  • Accumulation and recycling of design know-how
  • Provides 3D data-centered collaboration environment
  • Open-type architecture
  • Manages product, process, and resource information
  • Automobile, aircraft, electronics, industrial system, heavy industry, molding, shipbuilding, construction and other various industry sectors
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • System architecture
  • System engineering
  • ICEM Surf
  • 3DVIA Composer

ICEM Surf : The Art of Surface Modelling

Execute expanded surface modeling and analysis
Provide expanded surface modeling and interpretation
Confirm head impact areas, gaps and levels of components
Expand the existing functions, like fillet, blend and sweep, and provide functions, such as shape mapping and deformation
Provide fast design with functions, such as experts' gaps (flange, zero gap, clamp) and Helix
Provide class A design and G3 continuity
Can use multiple commands through using parallel command sessions

DYMOLA : Multi-Engineering Modeling & Simulation Modelica Modeling and simulate dynamic behavior through language and various libraries.

Support development of prior techniques during earlier days of product development
Interdisciplinary engineering approaches through model-based design
Provide high-level libraries based on accumulated experience
CATIA V6 and interface with Abaqus
Support HiLS (Hardware in the Loop Simulation)

Composer Composer to realize more effective product communication through transferring uses of the existing 3D design data

  • Technical illustration
  • Service and training manual
  • Assembling instruction
  • Project review
  • Online catalog
  • Sales and marketing
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