3D virtual production solution

DELMIA provides virtual digital production environments to optimize production system and processes.
It realizes organization and verification of manufacturing processes, production optimization, and maintenance simulation to maximize productivity.

Strong Points
  • Provides 3D data-centered collaboration environment
  • Open-type architecture
  • Manages product, process and resource information
  • Automobile, aircraft, shipbuilding, electric/ electronic, machine manufacturing, molding, construction, steel making, clothing, pharmaceutical, consumable, logistics, energy industries, etc
  • Reviews prior digital engineering method, process and production in consideration of products, process, resources, and layout in the 3D digital environment
  • 3D virtual ergonomics to review safe working environment
  • Virtual commissioning to reduce try-out time
  • Analyzes the patterns of risk factors to present optimal productivity

Live Process Review ย 


Compatible to read V5 and V6 PPR (Product, Process, Resource)
Replay simulation data produced in V5 and V6
Reviews PPR data

Manufacturing Process and Resource Project Administration for Managers ย 


Manages products, process, and resources
Provides the function to manage projects

Manufactured Product Planning


Automatically EBOM-based MBOM
Extends MBOM to collaboration environment

Process Planning for All Industries


Creates and manages process plans in V6 collaboration environment
Automatically creates product structure-based process plans
Able to balance work in Manufacturing System
Able to create work graph with Live System Editor
Reviews process plans in 3D layout environment
Analyzes industrial standards-based working hour (SMT)
Makes mixed-model production plans

Custom Time Analysis ย 


Analyzes time according to customer standards (STM)
Provides editable data cards
Graphic preview of edited data cards

Interactive 3D Assembly Feasibility Studies for Product Designers ย 


Traces automatic assemble/ disassemble paths
Provides 3D manipulators to create parts path
Automatically creates assembly sequences
Interactive replay of assembly sequence and paths

Fastener Planning for All Industries


Defines fasteners in car body assembly lines
Visualizes fasteners in 3D environment
Automatically selects a welding gun for each fastener
Reviews the availability of a welding gun in welds
Allocates welds to car bodies through assignment assistant and checks non-allocation welds

Define and Simulate Manufacturing Systems ย 


Defines manufacturing systems
Defines assembly flow, buffer capacity and logistics time
Allocates process time to production
Monitors system status in simulation preview
Statistical analysis and reporting of process and equipment capability
Reviews mixed model simulation

Define Factory Resource Layouts


Defines resource BOM
Uses catalogues to ordinary/ parametric equipment
Allocates equipment on 3D
Extracts dimension and major notes on 2D assembly drawings

Program, Simulate and Validate Mechanical Device Behavior


Control programming of mechanical devices
Defines work sequences of multiple equipment
Creates and synchronizes in/ out signals of devices
Defines device motion controllers

Program, Simulate and Validate Industrial Robot Behavior ย 


Programming for industrial robot-assisted works
Optimizes robot path and work
Creates robot in/ out signals and synchronizes with other devices
Defines work sequences for multiple robots and devices
Assigns inverse kinematics to robots and devices
Defines motion controller and motion group for robots
Creates grid-based tags
Automatically allocates robots to operational positions

Generate and Manage Robot Spot Welding Programs


Provides programming tools dedicated to spot welding robots
Provides the function to search welding guns and analyze welds
Analyzes the section of a welding gun by using sectional stack-up
Balances welding work by allocating hitting spots among multiple robots
Updates automatic robot welding program after change of design
Easy editing of welding analysis scenarios

Computer Aided Generation of Robotic Arc Welding Programs


Provides arc welding-dedicated programming tools
Automatically creates product shape-based welding paths
Easy updating of robot paths according to change of design
Optimizes workpiece locations
Supports Controller-Specific Weld profiles
Creates seam search paths

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