BM Deep Learning Server Solution Equipped with Latest GPU Technology of MINSKY-NVIDIA

What is Deep Learning?

As one of machine learning methods based on artificial neural networks, Deep Learning technology is that computers learn by themselves and make judgment like people imitating the human brain's information processing ways for distinguishing materials after finding patterns among a huge number of data.

IBM Deep Learning Server Solution

 Four Advantages of IBM Minsky

Latest and Best GPU


•Equipped with latest PASCAL architecture P100 GPU of NVIDIA

•Half-precision performance 21TFLOPS for Deep Learning

•GPU memory bandwidth as thrice much as the existing one

Provide easy and fast deep learning framework


• Provide Deep Learning software tool kit PowerAI of IBM

•CAFFE, Torch, TensorFlow important

Deep Learning frameworks provide them in packages

Of New technology

Solve existing problems with new technology

•Overcome limitations of GPU memories with unified memory, solve P2P problems

•Solve GPU-CPU bottlenecks with NVLink technology, innovatively improve performance

Real Open Architecture

Open POWER Platform

•Real open architecture by opening POWER architecture

•IFirm GPU solution roadmap through cooperation among IBM / Mellanox / NVIDIA

•NVIDIA - Support IBM Acceleration Lab

Uncomparable new techniques of NVIDIA PASCAL P100
architecture Big 5

▷Compare specifications between Tesla P100 and existing GPU

The easiest and fastest way to use the deep-learning framework,

providing open-source Deep Learning frameworks after optimizing them to IBM Minsky helps people install it easily and fast.

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