Information and Communications Technologies
Develop efficient operations and availability for your customers ‘ environments with the help of planning, development, implementation, and operation of systems that require implementation.


High Performance Computing
We guarantee efficient operation and availability with total support services, such as planning, development, establishment and operation of systems needed by companies, suitable for customersโ€™ environment.
Supply and Establish High-Efficiency Hardware
  • Supply and establish HPC hardware optimized for ML(Machine Learning)/DL(Deep Learning)
  • Provide the best solutions for hardware connection and high-speed storing
OS and Code-Level HPC Application Optimization
  • Diagnose bottlenecks about application construction
  • Optimize application codes following
Design and Consult about HPC Environment Suitable for Environment
  • Design and consult about architecture suitable for HPC environments for research / business
  • Propose ways to guarantee connections securing the best performance among
Operation and Development Education
  • Education for HPC system operators
  • Tool use education for HPC users and code optimization education for HPC developers


Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is use environment and service for users to use necessary software through the internet anytime anywhere and to easily share data through multimedia devices.
Cost Efficiency
  • Realize fast go-to-market through reducing time taken establish infrastructure
  • Reduce burden of early investment through charging depending on the amount used
  • Can expand infrastructure fast following increasing users
  • Apply global-level security safe from various security threats
  • Monitoring by IT professionals and workers handling IT disorders
  • Provide stable Cloud service all the year round
  • Expand and reduce infrastructure and service fast following business needs
  • Support optimized resource allocation, OS management, processes and fast backup and recovery
  • Change to Cloud quickly and easily through early setting and migration supporting
Public Cloud / Private Cloud
  • Provide public Cloud about work suitable for multi-tenant environment
  • As virtual servers are distributed to host servers exclusively for customers, all hardware resources of each node can be used if the capacity should be increased. Provide fast performance, strengthened security and data integrity


Artificial Intelligence
Consulting to apply technologies for IBM Watson-based cognitive computing and Deep Learning
Develop solutions using IBM Watson API
Establish AI solutions specialized in medical service and manufacturing
AI Consulting
  • We provide consulting service to help customers actually apply AI technologies for cognitive computing and Deep Learning which they should prepare in the present or in the future to lead the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
AI Solution Development
  • We develop solutions of various purposes and types needed by customers using IBM Watson API, IBM WEX (Watson Explorer) and IBM Bluemix.
AI Establishment
  • We support establishment of AI solutions specialized in medical service and manufacturing in the most appropriate forms for customers, such as on-premise or PaaS Cloud using IBM Watson-based AI technologies.


As security threats have been advanced and sophisticated, we provide security solutions satisfying customer needs to protect them from security issues, such as cyber violation, important data leakage and personal information protection
Network Security
  • Next generation F/W( IPS, URL filtering, APT, VPN etc.
  • Network Access Control
  • N-DLP(Network Data Loss Prevention
  • WIPS(Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
  • NMS(Network Management System)
System &ย Endpoint Security
  • SMS(System Management System)
  • Database Security Solution
  • DLP(Data Loss Prevention)
  • EDMS & ECM
  • DRM(Document Right Management)
Others Security
  • ESM(Enterprise Security Management)
  • Cloud Computing Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Consulting
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