Information and Communications Technologies

We guarantee efficient operation and availability with total support services, such as planning, development,establishment and operation of systems, suitable for customersโ€™ environment.

  • Do design, establishment, consulting and operation of big and high-performance computing environment
  • Establish and supply hardware for high-performance clustering systems
  • Develop solutions to operate high-performance clustering systems
  • Provide consulting service to apply technologies for IBM Watson-based cognitive computing and Deep Learning
  • Develop solutions adopting IBM Watson API
  • Establish AI solutions specialized in medical service and manufacturing



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  • Support virtualization, Cloud, consulting and migration
  • Establish private Cloud using high-quality Cloud solutions
  • Provide various Cloud environments through forming partnerships with diverse public Cloud solutions


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  • Network security
  • System & Endpoint security
  • Others(ESM, Cloud Computing Security
    Penetration Testing, Security Consulting)

ICT Business References

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