HP DL560

HP DL560

HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen9 Server

Make business growth without expanding the data center 

The business critical workload and virtualization environment needs small and powerful computing performance.

The HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen9 server was designed to materialize performance and expandability at space of high-density 2U installation. The server is effective for improving efficiency using advanced technology not affecting performance. The ProLiant DL560 Gen9 server is ideal for circumstances where optimization of data center space, performance and costs, like virtualization, server integration, database management, business handling and 4S data-intensive applications.

Ultimate Performance for the Most Sought-After Workload

Regarding the HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen9 server with innovative and intuitive latest HPE hardware and a basically equipped management function, up to maximum 21 servers can be installed for every one 42U rack because the best processor density and compactly designed form factors are combined. A new system architecture especially equipped with an improved remote access service function, a large memory volume and an ability to handle I/O through up to seven PCIe slots makes perfect balance greatly accelerating virtualization performance, removing bottlenecks and displaying ultimate performance even about highly sought-after x86 workload.

The ProLiant DL560 server newly equipped with the cost-efficient and high-density Intel® Xeon® E54600 v4/v3 processor got to have the increased storage volume and a strengthened treatment ability with up to 24 SFF (small form factor) HPE Smart Drives, the I/O bandwidth and the latest HPE DDR4 smart memory of maximum 3TM. Its automated management also was intellectualized and simplified through HPE OneView and HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO4). As all these aspects were combined to the high-density server, it was possible to reduce management overheads and increase processible workloads. In consequence, productivity can be raised and efficiency can be improved with a small number of servers without lowering performance.

The HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen9 server supports quick business environment by improving the responding speed through integrating storage and network devices and facility resources into single infrastructure. Users of this server can expect increased earnings from investment for the server through improving and simplifying management work with various functions, raising efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership (TC)

Important Functions and Strong Points 

Four-Socket (4S) Performance of High-Density 2U Form Factor 

•  As this server provides high-density 4S computing at 2U form factors, people can reduce the occupation area through integrating servers.

•   There are no restrictions on system construction and the server supports up to four Intel Xeon E5-4600 v4/v3 processors. The v4 processor provides up to 21% improved processor performance bin to bin and 22% more core caches.

Like HPE Flexible Smart Array, HPE Smart Array or HPE Smart SAS host bus adaptor controller, the HPE ProLiant DL560 Gen9 server is flexible enough to choose the most suitable 12 Gb/s controller for customers' environment. In addition, the server supports maximum four GB FBWC (Flash-Backed Write Cache) that can be used with the built-in SATA HPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i controller depending on boots, data and media demands. The DL560 server provides slots exclusively for Flexible Smart Array SAS controllers supporting FBWC and offers highly good flexibility because available options can be expanded and I/O slots can be preserved through it.

• HPE SmartMemory prevents data loss and operation suspension through improving error handling and improves workload performance and power efficiency at the same time. HPE SmartMemory provides up to 23% performance improvement through supporting the maximum speed of 2,400MHz and the largest 3TB DDR4 volume (48 DIMM slots).

Next-Generation Expandability and Stability for Multi-Workload Computing 

•It is possible to achieve the expanded volume with newly design sashes including up to 24 small form factors (SFFs) HPE SmartDrive (different depending on construction) and six NVMe options. In addition, it provides the best performance, capacity and stability satisfying customers' demands at reasonable prices through HP Universal Media Bay (option).

•The serer provides the improved I/O bandwidth and expandability through up to seven PCIe 3.0 expansion slots supporting GPU, storage controllers or networking cards, so service convenience, expandability and flexibility can be improved.

•  The server can adapt to changing business requests and make expansion through choosing among built-in 4x1GbE, HPE FlexibleLOM, CIe stand-up 1GbE, 10GbE and 25GbE4 adaptors.

•  As the best duplication is provided with up to two 1,200W or 1,500W HPE common-use slot power supply devices, it is possible to reduce unnecessary operation suspension time.

Efficiency suitable for scale-up environment 

•Reduce cooling costs through supporting ASHRAE A3 and A4 standards

•Energy can be saved through supporting high-efficiency HPE common-use power supply devices and HPE Power Discovery service.

• Efficiency has been improved through adding functions for customers, such as new sash design with higher usability, security identifiers (option) for monitoring hot-plug fans and drives, conditions and construction elements, and fast reference codes for making quick access to product information.

Quick infrastructure management to improve the speed for providing IT service

•Customers can use the integrated single view to check faster low-cost infrastructure management and IT infrastructure using HPE OneView.

•Customers can use the integrated single view to check faster low-cost infrastructure management and IT infrastructure using HPE OneView.

•Customers can do remote provisioning locally using HPE intelligent provisioning scripting tool kits after constructing the UEFI booting mode.

•A management function to remotely distribute, monitor and support out-of-band servers using HPE integrated lights-out.

•Optimize firmware and driver update systems and minimize downtime using HPE Smart Update

DL560 specifications

Computing Intel®Xeon®E5 4600 v4/v3 processors, 6/10/12/14/16/18/22 cores, Maximum seven available slots (PCIe3.0)
Memories Up to 48 DDR4 DIMM slots and maximum memory of 3TB1 (maximum speed 2,400MHz after supporting both of R-DIMM and LR-DIMM), support memory mirroring
Storage HPE Embedded SATA controller. HPE Flexible Smart Array P440ar following performance or additional functions, Choose latest HPE Smart Array or Smart HBA controller
FBWC P440ar, the 4GBFBWC option can be used through stand-up cards exclusively for 2GBDDR3-1,866MHz, 72-bit wide bus.
HPE SmartDrive Maximum 24 SFFHDD/SSD (maxumum 92TB), M.2 activation HPE Universal Media bay option (optionally provide 2SFFSAS/SATA or optical drive, video and USB2.0 to be basically provided)
I/O expansion Seven PCIe3.0 (6FH/1LP): The slot availability is different depending on the number of installed processors. Reference: I/O expansion slot is added except HPEFlexibleSmartArray and FlexibleLOM slot.
Networking 1x8PCIe3.0FlexibleLOM slot (for 2x10GbE or 4x1GbE), Stand-up networkign cards addable
VGA/USB port/SD four optical USB 3.0 (built-in 1), five USB 2.0 (option 2, built-in 1), microSD, Dual microSD (option)
GPU-supporting two 4GB single wide cards
System ROM UEFI and existing BIOS
Integrated management function HPEOneView (including HPEiLOAdvanced)
Support management function HPEInsightOnline ((including mobile applications with improved performance)
Built-in management function HPEiLO4,HPEIntelligentProvisioning,SUM,RESTful interface tool, HPE scripting tools for WSPowerShell
Power supply device 94% efficiency (platinum plus), 1,200W common-use power supply device, N+1 dualization, 1,500W (option)
Fan hot-plug dualiztion fans
Observe industrial regulations ASHRAE A3 and A45 or ENERGYSTAR® construction supporting
Support Power Discovery service
Support Location Discovery service
Form factor/ sash height rack (2U), 29.5" (SFF)
Usability Easy install rail
Guarantee basic provision (components/charge/provided at the site) 3/3/3
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