Global collaboration PLM solution

Product lifecycle management solution that allows you to efficiently control and manage flow of all data and product information produced during the whole product lifecycle including definition of product concepts, design, development, manufacturing, shipment, and customer services.

Strong Points
  • Provides reliability and stability so that you can control confidential data
  • Industrial standard templates allow you to define data and process and utilize system
  • Supports reasonable decision-making by simplifying communication with product portfolio, projects, cost information, and design-production data
  • All companies with data structures
  • All industries realizing products through engineering design
  • All industries that need drawing management, project management and collaboration
  • 3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA Portfolio provides various process applications for six business areas.

Product planning & program:ZERO Delays

Allows you to manage project, project sharing, creation, review and approval of reports in order to prevent product launch delays

Major advantages

  • Allows all users to control complicated programs at the product development phase in real time
  • Provides the function to manage the requirements of external and internal customers at the form of traceable structures
  • Allows users to execute dynamic reports with information stored in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
  • Provides various functions for collaboration with global companies

Strategic supplier relations: ZERO Latency

Provides the function to manage requirements, product quality, and parts quality for business partners, and analyze purchasers in order to decrease latency time to the zero level

Major advantages

  • In collaborative sourcing, provides supply chains with the latest design information, engineers with valuable supplier-quoted information, and realizes repeatable and standardized material sourcing process and design-for-supply strategies
  • In monitoring the performance of suppliers, intensifies partnership with suppliers by designing, realizing and tracing part qualification plans, supplier development plans, and grade lists

Strategic customer relation management:ZERO Product Failures

Provides the function to manage tracing requirements and 3D commercialization, and review collaboration for 3D commercialization

Major advantages

  • Improves the overall global requirements management process by defining new products according to customersโ€™ requirements and changing according to the userโ€™s requirements
  • Allows brand manufacturers and retailers to inspect better efficacy realistically in the 3D environment and experience optimal shopping

Development of global products:ZERO Prototypes

Provides the function to manage product components, global design, global engineering manufacture and product support to decrease prototype and BOM errors to the zero level

Major advantages

  • Accelerates profit increase and sales growth by releasing products at the same time across the global market
  • Increases the profits by achieving efficiency of scale earlier and maximizing price premium

Global design managementย 

Application for design review, integrated design, design workshop, volume calculation, On-the-Go, etc

Global design management (Copy to Artwork)ย 

Applications for brand asset management, copy, artwork management, copy & artwork configuration, etc

Global engineering manufacture and product support management

Applications for design BOM management, production BOM management, request for new parts, cost analysis, etc

Management of quality and regulation compliance: ZERO Prototypes

Applications for management, reporting, and analysis of material regulation compliance and quality management

Major advantages

  • Extends regulation compliance data to a wider range of objects for more effective decision-making and recognition
  • Integration of supplier reports in the early product development phase
  • Design and monitoring of material regulation compliance
  • Establishes comprehensive traceability of development processes that can be utilized for effect analysis

Classification and protection of intellectual properties: ZERO Exceptions

Provides the function to manage classification and components for protecting intellectual properties, classification, reuse, IP protection, exporting control, and control access authority

Major advantages

  • Associate IPs of other company systems in the context of product development process and utilize product information in the other systems
  • Organize data by using several methods that are the most suitable for each role and activity
  • File-based data exchange and removal
  • Allocate ordinary IP management to users
  • Executes security requirements to classify IPs and meet regulations such as ITAR
  • Keep history related to data access and download on the important IPs
  • Trace the history of IPs used for various projects or by all customers

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