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Functions and Performance 

Lenovo Storage S3200 is a high-performance mid-range SAN with many functions coping with many workloads handling the large treatment volume under any circumstances.
S3200 providing multiple protocol composition and intelligent real-time tiering can offer performance close to almost all frash arrays (AFA) until up to 120,000 IOPS at low costs.
S3200 provides not only high performance but also easy GUI, thin provisioning, virtual snap shots, flash caches, virtualization storages, fast RAID reestablishment and asynchronous cloning.
S3200 is a perfect mid-range SAN for supporting business requests through combining high performance and remarkable functions.

Business Optimization

S3200 is a unique SAN product providing what customers want like high performance, flexible construction and reliability at low prices.
Companies always established with 99.999% availability and multipaths can depend on S3200.
Your data formed with dual controllers, dual power supply devices, hot swap drives and fans can be used when necessary.
When your storage should be expanded, S3200 helps expansion of arrays through horizontally expanding them with thin provisioning.
When companies, large or small, need a simple, flexible and optimized mid-range SAN, Lenovo S3200 is a right choice to support data requests.

Easy Integration

S3200 provides storage flexibility to be easily integrated with all network environments. Customers can choose between the 16 Gbps fiber channel and/or 10 Gbps iSCSI or 12 Gbps SAS with the hybrid connection option.
Adopting such unique multiple protocol connection, S3200 can use FC and iSCSI at the same time. With selection of flexible fabrics, S3200 supports up to 192 drives, virtualizes pooling storages throughout various types of drives and improves I/O.
Combination of such flexibility and virtualization storages in general arrays continuously materializes integration with performance and environment.

Why Lenovo?

Lenovo is a company providing leading x86 systems for data centers. The company's portfolio including racks, towers, blades and high-precision integration systems supports enterprise-class performance, stability and security. Lenovo also provides comprehensive service supporting broad networking, storage, software, solutions and business requests throughout the IT life cycle.

lenovo storage s3200

Product Functions 

▶ Intelligent real-time tiering of flash hybrid arrays

  • Make automatic real-time data arrangement to high-performance SSD
  • Provide almost perfect flash array performance just with low costs

▶ High performance and expandability

  • Support up to 192 drives
  • Multi protocol connection - FC and/or iSCSI or SAS

▶ Suitable for 99.999% availability

  • Always maintain availability and multipaths
  • Reliable credibility
  • High-availability construction: Dual controllers, dual fans, hot swap drives and fans

Hardware Summary

▶ Improved bandwidth, capacity and four ports per controller
▶ 8/16 Gb FC or 1/10 Gb iSCSI or 6/12 Gb SAS
▶ Multi protocol interface equipped with 8/16 Gb FC and 1 Gb/10 Gb iSCSI
▶ Dual (active/active) RAID controllers for high availability
▶ Future guarantee for next-generation host interconnection
▶ Support standard and encryption drives
▶ Unique technology
▶ Automatic real-time storage tiering
▶ Batteryless cache protection
▶ Low waiting time cache mirroring
▶ Important features of performance
▶ 120,000 reading IOPS
▶ 6,400 MBps reading
▶ 5,300 MBps writing

S3200 Advantage

Intelligent Real-Time Tiering Greatly improve performance through automatically migrating data to high-performance drives
Storage management Simplify complicated management jobs with easy GUI, reestablish RAID fast – Greatly reduce space or time that other stripes need to make restoration
Virtualization Storage Virtualization storages improve I/O by up to 2.5 times without affecting applications through supporting "pooling" storages throughout various types of drives.
SSD Read Cache The SSD cache provides preferential accesses to "hot" data improving the cache capacity by 200 times.
Virtualization Snap Shot Each snap shot has the same volume, supports total reading/writing and can be used singly or in the overlapped form.
Thin Provisioning Make provisioning of the volume regardless of physical storage. Purchase just necessary storages and add following expansion.
Regular Drive S3200 that simplifies drives has the same regular drives as Lenovo Storage E1012 and E1024.
Multi Protocol Interface Can use the 16 Gbps fiber channel and 10 Gbps iSCSI fabrics at the same time.
Entire Drive Encryption Maintain data locking through 256-bit AES encryption
High Availability Can use data all the time through supporting hot swap dual controllers, dual PSUs, hot swap-type HDDs, fans, automatic failover and multipaths and protecting data, and established to use 99.999%.
Batteryless Cache Backup Change batteries or move them to storages to be managed Unnecessary batteryless cache backup provides significant power and flash cache data during power shutdown.
Synchronous Caching Provide immediate cache mirroring enabling faster mirroring writing than architectures of rival companies
Impressive Capacity E1012 supporting up to seven expansion enclosures supports 2.5-inch drives and S3200 with various constructions supports up to 12 3.5-inch drives. E1012 assisting up to seven expansion enclosures supports 2.5-inch drives and S3200 supports up to 12 3.5-inch drives with various constructions. E1024 supports up to 24-inch drives and S3200 supports up to 192 drives with various forms of construction.​ SSD 2.5-inch HDD and 3.5-inch HDD
Asynchronous Cloning Provide customers with solutions for data protection and fault recovery all the year round so that they can clone the volume among arrays locally or remotely, provide cloning support to the S3200 system or between S3200/S2200 systems

S3200 specifications

Host Interface 6/12 Gbps SAS or 1/10 Gbps iSCSI or 8/16 Gbps fiber channel
Single/Dual Controller Support single and dual (active/active) controllers
RAID Support RAID 1, 5, 6, 10
Fan and power supply devices Complete dualization and hot swap possible
Supported Drives 2.5-inch SAS drives: 300 GB, 600 GB(15,000 rpm); 2.5-inch 600 GB, 900 GB, 1.2 TB(10,000 rpm); 2.5-inch NL-SAS SED drives: 600 GB, 900 GB, 1.2 TB(10,000 rpm); 2.5-inch NL-SAS drives: 1 TB(7,200 rpm); 2.5-inch SAS SSD: 400 GB, 800 GB, 1.6 TB; 3.5-inch NL-SAS drives: 2 TB, 4 TB, 6 TB, 8 TB(7,200 rpm); 3.5-inch NL-SAS SED drives: 4 TB(7,200 rpm)
Cache per Controller 6 GB(data(reading/writing) cache per controller = 4 GB and metadata and system OS cache = 2 GB)
LUN per System 1,024 maximum and 128 TB maximum LUN size
Snap Shot per Volume Maximum 254
Expansion Unit(Maximum 7) E1012: 12 3.5-inch drives; E1024: 24 2.5-inch drives
Snap Shot 128 snap shots included
Option License Intelligent real-time tiering(SSD, 512 snap shots, 1,024 snap shots, including asynchronous cloning)
Asynchronous cloning Maximum 32 volumes The scheduler provides assistance at intervals of one, 12 and 24 hours. License: For subjects and sources
Guarantee Three-year limited guarantee, 9x5 Limited to the following business day service and components
ENERGY STAR Certification Lenovo Storage S3200 acquired the Energy Star certification. Products acquired the certification are energy efficient through saving costs by reducing energy consumption and rebates. For more information about criteria and procedures of the Energy Star certification, please refer to the US EPA web site. The Energy Star certification is listed on the EPA web site. The Energy Star certification acquired for Lenovo Storage S3200 is listed on the EPA web site.
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